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Probably the main religious center in the country, Braga is known by its baroque churches, magnificent 18th century houses and elaborated gardens and squares. Known, in the roman era as “Bracara Augusta”, it was also the headquarters of the Portuguese bishopric in the XII century.


Braga’s long history is portrayed in its monuments and churches. The most impressive church is the Sé, which has several styles, from the roman to the baroque. Braga is also proud of its splendid houses, especially those from the 18th century.


We bring to you some of the most important must-see landmarks. Bom Jesus, Sameiro and Falperra, are places that stand out as landmarks and are a part of any tour of Braga due to their beauty and religious value.


The gastronomy in Braga is a festival of flavors and subtle perfumes. The Minho cuisine is the product of century-long experiences by anonymous hands, of the acknowledgement of the wise fruits of the land, of the collective imagination.


Throughout the centuries the events in Braga have been deeply touched by popular music, folklore and religious or sacred music, among others.


Here you will find some of the most beautiful and remarkable places of the city.


Enjoy what we have to offer and come and visit us.

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